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  • Start something new
  • Move forward towards your goals
  • Challenge yourself
  • Improve your self esteem
  • Improve work life balance
  • Release self-limiting beliefs
  • Be happy now
Coming from a background in design I liken the coaching process to Life and Lifestyle Design, where the client is the architect of his or her own life, taking the vision of what they want to achieve and designing that life in every detail under the guidance and support of their own dedicated coach. Although much of my coaching is done face to face in the home environment, it can just as easily be concerned with any area of your life, and may also be carried out over the phone or via Skype.

Coaching is an on-going professional relationship which provides support and encouragement for personal and professional growth. The goal of coaching is to facilitate deep learning and lasting change. It encourages you to perform at your best with the assistance of a coach who will challenge, stimulate and guide you in areas such as career, health and fitness, relationships, work-life balance, confidence, communication skills and self esteem, life goals and spirituality.

It is common for people to get hung up about their ‘life journey’ and fail to enjoy the present because their perpetual focus is on the future. Similarly there are those who are resigned to their ‘lot in life’, dwelling on the mistakes and missed opportunities in the past. I believe it is part of the coach’s role to assist people to embrace where they are, in order to accept the past, move on and be positive about the future.

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£50 per hour

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