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When I came to Julze for a Rose Alchemy treatment I was in bad shape, having broken my hip 9 months previously and my knee several months prior to that. I still had pain and difficulty walking. As soon as the treatment started I felt a really strong energy moving through my chakras, especially my heart chakra. Halfway through the session something changed and felt very different. It was as if there were 2 pairs of hands working on me! It felt like an even deeper sense of healing was occurring in my physical body, especially in my injured leg, which was hot and tingling. I felt so much better the next day and my mobility was vastly improved for my journey back to Iceland. I found this very impressive as I have had ‘healing’ treatments many times before but have never experienced anything like this!

Svala R


I suffer from anxiety, so on meeting Julze she mentioned she may be able to help. Wow she really has; I’m starting to feel like me again after all these years ! Julze is so amazing at what she does and really makes you feel looked after, calm and special! She has amazing healing powers in her hands and the best listening ears ever! Thank you.

Michelle F


Julze is a gentle yet powerful healer. She clearly loves what she does and has a natural way of making you feel relaxed and pampered. I absolutely love having both Reiki and Rose Alchemy healings with Julze and the experiences have helped me to find deep peace and clarity and have positively contributed to major shifts in my life.

Emma H


Whilst running my busy home and business life focussing on others, having the luxury of a self centred focus with clarity and guidance from Julze has been transforming. At times of great pressure and overwhelm Julze’s guidance and support has allowed me to maintain my own proactivity and direction with renewed energy and positivity.

Diana W


I have enjoyed a variety of treatments from Julze; Reiki, Massage and Rose Therapy. Her approach is very professional and she takes time before starting the treatment to find out what would benefit me most during each session. I love the different therapies and enjoy treating myself to one on a regular basis. I always come away feeling relaxed and would recommend any of the treatments!

Nicola A


Working with Julze has been really motivating. Over a few months she helped me see where I needed to make necessary changes in my life, in areas that have been a problem for a long time. Julze works in a caring and gentle way that made the change feel easy. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Julie M


A few months ago from my first telephone conversation with Julze, I instantly knew I wanted her to coach me. Julze has a very kind, caring, sensitive and non-judgemental approach to coaching and this has helped to provide me with a sense of clarity at a transition point in my life. She knows how to gently get me back to talking about the objective of the session when I go off on tangents..! Working with her has helped me to make some shifts in my life. Thank you.

Milly L


The coaching experience was great. I felt very comfortable talking to Julze and many insights popped in my mind during our sessions. These insights also changed many personal perceptions, including the way I see and act towards myself and people around. Julze also introduced me to great writers, such as Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer, who contribute to my daily source of information and learning. I am convinced that working with Julze has contributed immensely to my personal and spiritual development and I recommend to everyone.

Christina S